MNF Recap: Philly takes Carolina to the Woodshed

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles

In  honor of the NFL’s “Salute to Service” to America’s military, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to honor our finest troops by serving the Carolina Panthers a 5-Star beat down on Monday Night. To give the people perspective on how bad the Panthers were beaten Monday night, consider this; I started writing this column after Halftime. With the Panthers offense committing 4 turnovers (2 in their first FOUR plays of the game) and helping the Eagles offense put up 31 points before halftime; it was safe to say that the game was decided before the start of the third quarter with a score of 31-7 Eagles. Although history indicates that there have been cases of teams coming back from deficits of 21+ points (The Cleveland Browns erased a 25 point deficit to win against the Tennessee Titans this year), the likelihood of the Carolina Panthers making a comeback was about as likely as……look it just wasn’t going to happen. This is the 4th time this season that the Panthers have been humbled by 21 points or more. The Carolina offensive line  was in rare form Monday night, giving up 9 sacks and generally looking like they have all year (terrible.) With Connor Barwin looking like Lawrence Taylor in his prime, Cam Newton had little time to throw and when he did they were to Philadelphia’s defense. Other than a Punt returned for a touchdown by Darren Sproles, there wasn’t anything else interesting happening in this game. No butt fumbles from Mark Sanchez, no dramatic defensive stops, no Shady McCoy busting loose for 30 yard runs, just a lot of really bad plays from the Carolina Panthers Offense & the Philadelphia Eagles capitalizing off their mistakes. The blowout was so boring that even the head announcers were finding unique ways to pass through the time.

As we head into the home stretch of the NFL season these two teams are heading in completely opposite directions. On one hand you have head coach Ron Rivera trying to figure out how he can get his team to win a game for the first time in more than a month; and Chip Kelly is just trying to keep his team steady as they are on the verge making the playoffs for the second consecutive year.

Stay tuned.