Man Who Slaps Girl On Subway Train Gets Charges Dropped!

Jorge Peña w/ lawyers after hearing news of charges dropped.

Five days ago, a video recording of a subway train in New York went viral involving an altercation between a man (Jorge Peña) and a young woman (Shanique Campbell). Shown in the video, Shanique Campbell, clearly the aggressor due to alcohol, consistently bashed and insulted Peña because of the type of jacket he had on (8 ball jacket). While at first the man ignores the woman’s remarks, he soon becomes agitated and replies back with a few words of his own. Upon the Peña replying, the Shanique assaulted the man by swinging her boots at his head, in which Jorge Peña returned with THE most vicious slap ever witnessed on a youtube video (no lie). While we aren’t supporting this man for putting his hands on a woman, this young lady clearly asked for the slap she received. Initially charges were pressed against Jorge Peña, a said 6’6 bouncer who spent 4 days in jail, however; after reviewing the conclusive evidence, lawyers probably told the young lady to drop all charges due to an unlikely chance of actually winning in court. What do you think, should this man be charged for slapping the woman, or did she deserve it? One thing is for certain, Ms. Shanique Campbell will think twice before insulting a stranger like that again!