A.K. Paul & Jones x “You”

YouWhen I say ‘slowly’, what I really want you to picture is a sloth moving at about 1/3 of its top speed. But slowly, A.K. Paul (brother of the mythical wunderkind Jai) has started to reveal himself to the world. Back in June, we got to hear his amazing collaboration with British singer Nao, in “So Good“..

Last night, Jones (another London-area artist) put out a gorgeous new song simply titled “You”. It’s significantly more dialed-down and intimate when compared to “So Good”, but every bit as captivating. Jones’ voice is both airy and striking, flowing over Paul’s warm backdrop of crystalline synths and steady percussions. Here’s what Jones told The Fader about the song:

“I wrote the song on an idea he sent me when I was alone at home one night. He heard it and wrote the melody for the bridge. It worked seamlessly.”

– J Mon.



via SNTW