Missouri Governor Jay Nixon Issues ‘State of Emergency’ In Relation To Verdict Of Darren Wilson Investigation

Jay Nixon
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon

As tensions begin to rise as a result of the soon-to-be said verdict of officer Darren Wilson, the state of Missouri has implemented plans and procedures to stop violent protesters. Yesterday evening, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon issued Executive Order 14-14 which declares a “State of Emergency” for Missouri.

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This declaration of Executive Order 14-14 is interesting for many reasons, but here are the most prominent two.

1) The Executive Order will allow the National Guard to enter into Ferguson and St. Louis areas which might inevitably lead into an abuse of power just as we (the public) viewed days after Mike Brown was killed.


2) Sources have continued to preach that “the Grand Jury has not made it’s final decision”, however, you have a Governor who just declared A STATE OF EMERGENCY!! It’s almost as if the Governor wants to insult our intellect at this point, why would you issue an Executive Order if you don’t the verdict? I’ll tell you why, either:

A) Governor Nixon is fully aware of the verdict and wants to plan accordingly.


B) Governor Nixon knows the “future” verdict will claim Darren Wilson’s innocence so he wants to plan accordingly.

Regardless of the choice, it’s obvious to why the Governor is making this call days before the Grand Jury discloses their decision. Will this be a surprise? No, not at all. As stated in my previous article “The Ugly Truth, Why Darren Wilson Will Most Likely Walk Away Scot-Free“, the outliers that ultimately decide this case were already set up to allow the acquittal of one of their own; officer Darren Wilson. If anything, this case is a direct example of how flawed America’s criminal justice system is and how it continues to perpetuate a distrust for many American citizens.

Check out the audio clip of Jay Nixon’s press conference below. It’s clear the Governor wasn’t even confident in the speech he gave to the public. I wonder why…………………?!

“Absolute Power Corrupts, Absolutely” – John Dalberg-Acton