Florida State University: 3 Wounded, 1 Dead In Campus Shooting!

Shooter Myron May via AP

It seems about every few weeks news of a school shooting inundates national headlines and newspapers. Today, we report the  latest incident involving an FSU Alumnus who walked into a Florida State University library and began shooting at students. The shooter has been identified as Myron May, an attorney who graduated  from FSU before attending law school at Texas Tech.

The shooting was said to have happened earlier this morning at approximately 12:30AM.

According to WFLA News, 3 victims were shot. Two of these victims have been rushed to the local hospital, one however, was only grazed and is expected to be in good condition.

Shooter, Myron May, was said to have been killed outside of the library when confronted by police officials. May was asked repeatedly to drop his weapon, however, disobeying orders he then shot back at police. As a result, the news has reported that local officials killed the gunmen instantly.

Many FSU students are still in complete shock over this incident. Below is a student who reportedly was saved from being shot thanks to the books in his back pack!