Navy Veteran Who Stopped 76 Year Old Lady From Being Robbed Gets Reward On Ellen Degeneres Show

John Zachary DesJardin (23)

Navy Veteran Kendrick Taylor has been in national news lately for his ‘Good Samaritan’ role involving a 76 year old woman and a culprit that nearly got away with robbing the elderly victim. Kendrick Taylor was said to have been going to the gym before seeing the elderly lady screaming for help. The robber has since been identified as 23 year old John Zachary DesJardin. DesJardin has been charged with attempted robbery and battery of a person over the age of 65.

Excerpt via WPTV News:

–“She was screaming for help, that’s when I went over to help her,” said Taylor.

Like a commando, Taylor ran straight at him, never considering the danger.

“When I looked down, I didn’t know if he had a knife or a gun, but I just saw the lady. She was so old, and when he threw her down, she was so fragile, and I knew she needed help,” said Taylor.–

As a result of his heroism, Ellen Degeneres decided to bring Kendrick on her show to reward him with some pretty cool gifts and surprises. Check out the video below to view what Kendrick Taylor received!