Mother Who Received Over $100,000 In Donations Claims Money Is Now Gone!

Shanesha Taylor mughsot

This past Spring, a teary mugshot of a woman named Shanesha Taylor made national news after the mother of two was taken into custody for leaving her two kids ( a 6 month old and a 2-year-old) locked in her car. Though the conditions in Arizona were significantly too hot that day to leave any minor unattended in a vehicle, the judge and the public forgave Ms. Taylor when she explained her reasoning for leaving her sons in the car was to attend an interview. As a result of Shanesha Taylor’s story and unemployment, $114,000 in donations quickly poured into a fund to help the mother of two. In fact, the judge and prosecutors allowed Ms. Taylor to stay clear of any charges as long as she met a deadline to place $40,000 of the donated money into a trust fund for her kids.

Fast forward 8 months later and the deadline to have the $40,000 fund for Ms. Taylor’s kids is nonexistent! According to a previous supporter and activist of Ms. Taylor, Shanesha has reportedly wasted the majority of her money on shopping splurges, fine dining, lavish trips, and costly home accessories. If that didn’t make matters worse, Ms. Taylor emptied out her donation money so fast that she didn’t have enough money to hire an attorney and instead had to settle for a public defender. Now that it’s obvious that Shanesha may not have the required $40,000 for her kids’ trust fund, prosecutors have taken back their deal and Shanesha Taylor is expected to go before Arizona courts December 10, 2014.

While we understand no one is perfect in terms of how they spend or manage their money, it’s important for one to realize the blessings they receive from generous donors, such as the public, when facing possible JAIL time. Ms. Taylor could’ve been thrown in jail the first time for her careless actions, however, was spared. Now that it’s clear Ms. Taylor didn’t hold up to her end of the bargain, the court/legal system will definitely seek a harsher punishment. Moreover, in the end it’s not Ms. Taylor who is ultimately losing, it’s her two young kids who might have to adapt into a life without their mother.