NFL Gives Free Tickets To Fans, Fans Turn Tickets Into Profit


The NFL is giving away free game tickets for the Buffalo Bills & New York Jets game that has been rescheduled to Monday Night due to the snowstorm in Buffalo New York. The game is now being played at Ford Field in Detroit since the Lions are on the road this week. The plan was for the Lions organization to distribute tickets from 10 AM to 3 PM on Sunday. Needless to say anything given free by the NFL was going to attract a lot of people, so much that all the tickets were gone by 10:10. A rare occasion like this would be a great opportunity for those less fortunate to get the opportunity to watch an NFL game that otherwise would not be able to afford to go to. Unfortunately this is America and instead of hundreds of fans getting the rare opportunity to watch an NFL game for free, they will have to go on Ebay or to their local ticket scalper for a hefty sum going from $70 to $125. That’s right…local fans are selling free tickets for 70 dollars. A local Detroit reporter spoke with one ticket scalper about the situation his response was “This ain’t a free game, man.”

God Bless America