Pepsi Co. To Bring Back #UncleDrew Commercials


There’s no question that Lebron James returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers has brought relevance back to its team. Now the benefit of being the most popular team in the NBA is catching the eye of major companies. Per ESPN, Pepsi Co. has decided to re-up with the Cavs star point guard, Kyrie Irving, to make more episodes of the famous #Uncledrew web episodes promoting the Pepsi Max beverage. Last year, the “Uncle Drew” series was one of the most successful & popular advertising campaigns in the country with over 50 million hits on Pepsi’s YouTube channel. It also won an awards at various advertising competitions. This probably means that once the NBA playoffs come around in 2015, we will see Kyrie Irving “Get Buckets” for both the Cavaliers organization & for Pepsi.