Cop Shoots And Kills Unarmed White Male, No Charges Filed!


Two days after the Mike Brown shooting, a similar unfortunate story surfaced the web based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

On August 11, 2014 cops were dispatched to an area located off of 2100 South and State Street. The calling was in regards to three males reportedly acting suspicious and toting guns in the area.

Officer Bron Cruz was the first policeman to respond to the dispatch. Cruz stated that upon arriving to the scene (a 7-Eleven convenient store), he witnessed three males who matched the description of the report. Two out of the three males reportedly raised their hands up after being confronted by Cruz. The third man, 20 year old Dillon Taylor, was no so responsive.

In the video below, via a police Body Cam, one can see Officer Cruz ask Taylor to “Get your hands up now.” After Dillon is slow to turn around and finally does pull his hands out, he is shot immediately. The shot resulted in his death which later sparked an outrage among his friends, family, and local community. Moreover, in recent news we have learned that Officer Cruz will not be charged given the evidence provided by his body cam.

I was scared to death. The last thought I had go through my mind when I pulled the trigger, and I’ll never forget this … was that I was too late. I was too late. And because of that, I was gonna get killed. Worse, my (partner) was gonna get killed.— Officer Cruz via KSL

What do you think about this incident? After viewing the body cam video, do you think Officer Cruz acted in a justifiable manner, or do you believe it was excessive force?

It’s important to note that while some people want to compare this to the Mike Brown incident, it’s clear that the Dillon Taylor has a lot more evidence provided that Officer Cruz was wearing a body cam. The same unfortunately, can’t be said for Mike Brown. Regardless, however, this is another tragic incident of an unarmed male executed in broad day light by a police officer who won’t see a courtroom nor trial.