No Indictment For NYC Officer Who Killed Eric Garner, National Protests On Rise!

About five months ago, we brought you the tragic story of a 43 year old, Eric Garner, dead after an illegal chokehold was used against him. Days after the death of Eric Garner, New York City police chief admitted on national news to the public that Officer Daniel Pantaleo‘s chokehold was an illegal procedure. Likewise, when you sum up a death of man (on video) plus the use of an illegal chokehold, many people were expecting Officer Daniel Pantaleo to be indicted.

Cops prepare for protest in NYC (via News Week)

Welp, if this isn’t a sequel to the various incidences happening across our nation (i.e. Fergurson, Missouri), then I don’t know what is. Yesterday, various sources disclosed that the Staten Island Grand Jury did not indict Officer Pantaleo on any charges in relation to Eric Garner’s death.

And then this happened later that night in NYC…

And this in DC….

RIP Eric Garner (43)

Unfortunately, what we are seeing in America is a growing racial tension fueled by present day AND historical events. Likewise, amongst the various media and news outlets, it’s easy for one to get the wrong perception of how people, African Americans in this instance, feel overall. As a result, I believe the underlying issue is the lack of transparency between local officials and the citizens who’s tax dollars pay for these county officials. Many people are protesting and outraged because they are hurt. However, this doesn’t give anyone a reason to hurt others nor make racist statements about another race. I hope some type of Federal intervention can come from these tragic incidences. And while the president continues to push for Body Cams on Officers, I really don’t think that even video evidence will help solve our current problems…….hence the video you just watch about Eric Garner.