American Woman Killed In UAE Mall Stabbing!


With most of the media covering the latest protests occurring in America, it’s easy to distracted from other equally important news and occurrences happening around the world.

In the latest tragedy, an American woman named Ibolya Ryan (47) was stabbed in a UAE mall two days ago. Ryan was said to have worked in UAE as a school teacher. While reasons for her stabbing are unknown, CNN reports that a fight broke out in a restroom in which the mother of 11-year old twins was stabbed repetitively with a sharp object. CNN reports that Ibolya Ryan died hours later due to injuries from the stabbing.

Local authorities are now asking witnesses and local citizens for help to solve this investigation. The only evidence officials have at this moment is a video that shows a woman leaving the scene in an “abaya” (a black gown traditionally worn by local Emirati women).