Barry University Denies Racist Remarks Made By Student, Here’s Why They Are Lying!

Another instance of racial tension was prompted today when social media users on Instagram shared the screen shot of a Barry University Law student making racial remarks under the media mogul and philanthropist Karen Civil. The Law student has since been identified as Daniella Pedrozo. Below is what Pedrozo had to say in regards to Karen Civil speaking on social injustices and the our current legal system.


As a result of Daniella Pedrozo’s remarks, social media users on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook have all begun to voice their concern over yet another racial event sparked by an ill-minded person. Don’t believe us? View this hashtag #DaniellaPedrozo for yourself!

Not only did Pedrozo’s remarks start the “trending topic” #DaniellaPedrozo , but also it prompted users to contact Barry University’s Law School. Surprisingly, this is what Barry University had to say:

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.45.28 PM


Ahh, another great cover-up by an institution of higher learning. Guess what Barry University, WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU…and here’s why!

  • 10846251_10203139721363806_1369665484802067033_nSomeone who steals a phone, doesn’t go on Instagram to voice their concern about the “justice system”, pretty ironic, wouldn’t you say? Moreover, we’re pretty sure a person who steals a phone either wants to sell it or use it, not log onto someone’s Instagram account to find Karen Civil. 
  • The user who “stole” Daniella Pedrozo phone was so altruistic they switched her username from @danibear to now @daniella_pedrozo
  • No report has publicly been disclosed of her initial police report of her “stolen phone”….of course unless Barry University allows Daniella Pedrozo to get 104 days to come up with some “unique” police report.
  • Daniella Pedrozo’s Instagram account was once “public” hence why you can see her pictures (above), however, now that plenty of attention has been brought upon her, she switched her profile to private.
  • Last, but certainly not least, Daniella Pedrozo removed the Star Of David and “Law” under her name, probably so people like us wouldn’t disclose that information. Too little, too late. If Barry University wants to continue to cover up for own of their own without being honest, we can continue to make our voices heard as well.


People want to know why America is still having racial issues, yet you have a “future lawyer” who publicly displays racial remarks on social media. Is this 2014 or 1964? Maybe there isn’t much of a difference…