David Gibson x Only [Remix]


Last month, David Gibson took shots at perpetrators with the release of his, “No Flex Zone [Remix].” This month, Dolce blesses the public with another dope track, specifically targeting rappers that “lie in their rhymes,” entitled “Only [Remix]”. As you all know, the original was released by Nicki Minaj, featuring, Drake, Lil’ Wayne, and Chris Brown. The original was focused a lot on ending rumors about Nicki’s nonexistent sexual relationship with Drake and Lil’ Wayne, but on Dolce’s version, he wanted his verse to compliment the hook a little more. David Gibson speaks on his tragic life experience with his cousin being killed due to drugs and violence; and his early life experiences dealing with poverty. David also expresses his feelings towards DJ’s that like his work, but do not promote it as they should. As a follow-up response to his two cents about disc jockeys, he just reminds them that he is just trying to make it out here like everyone else “for his daughter’s sake.” Plenty of venting on this track, but certainly something many people out there can relate to. As David has said before, “Keep supporting, and I will keep giving.” Check out the track below and let us know what you think!