NBA Unveils 2015 “All-Star Game” Jerseys

Earlier this week the NBA revealed to the masses their newest uniforms for the upcoming NBA All-Star break. Just like any other billion dollar corporation, the number one goal is to find creative ways for their customers to spend more money on the services or merchandise that they provide. One way of doing that for the NBA and its franchises is by creating brand new team uniforms EVERY YEAR just so they will never wear them ever again; by doing so will make these jerseys a “Collector’s Item” for fans. Hence the reason why the NBA has new “All-Star Game” jerseys & “Christmas Day” Jerseys.

Christmas Jerseys


All-Star Jerseys

Although both appear to be fairly basic, the NBA All-Star game Jersey does pay homage to the host city by placing five unique stars on the jerseys to represent the five Burroughs of New York. Other than that….it’s your pretty standard NBA Jersey. And the best part about it? You can buy either one of these “Collectible Items” for the very modest price of $110 at your local sporting goods store. Keep getting those checks NBA.