11 Year Old Entrepreneur Gets Surprise For Her Awesome Sales Pitch

11 year old Asia Newson from Detroit has had a heck of week these past few days. In recent news, a video has gone viral of the young entrepreneur after she received an unexpected donation from a Good Samaritan. Asia Newson’s company called Super Business Girl, is a business that sells homemade candles in hopes of profiting funds to support at risk youth in Detroit. According to ABC News, the video was shared so many times that it is now the number #1 shared video (in history) for ABC’s 20/20 page on Facebook.

We like this video for many reasons:

  1. Asia Newson recognizes the success of starting her own business at a young age
  2. Asia is proud to be from Detroit, a city that has consistently received bad publicity ever since the city went bankrupt.
  3. Someone saw potential in a young entrepreneur in which now the whole world can view her potential and accomplishments thus far.
  4. Asia’s reaction to her donation shows how genuine she is as a person and business women, entities that many people in the business world lack. Hats off to the local news station and ABC News for airing this story.