Black Mamba Passes Michael Jordan In All-Time Scoring List


Kobe Bryant and his loyal fans finally have one thing that can claim Kobe actually has over the great Michael Jordan, which is all-time scoring. Throughout Kobe’s career the comparisons to him MJ have been never ending. From the their similar size to their signature fade away; seeing Kobe Bryant play at the top of his game was as close it anyone has ever gotten to equating to Michael Jordan (minus the hair of course). However, no matter what Kobe achieved in his career, he always came up short when people compared him to the G.O.A.T. Championships, Regular Season MVP’s, Finals MVP’s, Scoring titles, Shoe sales, Gambling Debt; you name a stat out there that’s basketball or life related, and Jordan was always one step ahead of the Mamba. But not today. On this day Kobe Bryant was finally able to pass Michael Jordan in the one thing that they loved to do most on the basketball court; and that’s score points. With only nine more points to score to pass Jordan, Kobe Bryant was poised to break into the top 3 All-time in scoring with a pair of free throws in the second quarter of last week’s game versus the Minnesota Timberwolves. Ironically, Kobe just so happened to be playing in the city where his team was initially founded. Kobe Bryant’s moment was so special that the whole game stopped just to recognize one of the sports all-time greats and his accomplishment.

Michael Jordan comparisons aside, this is a great moment for the Black Mamba. For a season that’s mostly been awful (Lakers are currently 8-16) this will probably be the highlight of not only Bryant’s season, but the Lakers season as a whole. Hopefully Kobe can create some more distance between himself and Jordan before retiring because in a couple more years there will be a guy in Cleveland trying to surpass all of the greats.