Dallas Mavericks Trade For Rajon Rondo


In our first blockbuster move of the 2014-2015 NBA season, the Dallas Mavericks just made the ultimate power move by trading Brandan Wright, Jameer Nelson, Jae Crowder & 2 draft picks to Boston for All-Star Point guard Rajon Rondo. With Dirk Nowitzki still playing at an elite level at his advanced age, Owner Mark Cuban and the Mavericks front office are determined to ensure that their team is capable of winning a championship for as long as Dirk is still there. This move is exceptional on so many levels. From a fit standpoint this union could not be any more perfect. Rondo brings a lot of things to the table that the Dallas Mavericks currently just don’t have at the point guard positions right now (or any position for that matter.) Rondo is that prototypical point guard that has the ability to consistently set up his players for the best shots that they are capable of making. What makes it even better for Rondo, is that he’s joining a team that has an abundance of elite offensive playmakers that he can work with. Putting Rondo into that Dallas Mavericks Lineups with Nowitzki, Chandler, Parsons, & Monta Ellis instantly makes them the best starting five in the NBA. If people think that’s too bold a statement then they must have forgot how great Rondo was when he was playing on a team with elite talent. In case you have, here’s a quick reminder of what kind of numbers Rondo posted when he was in the playoffs.

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These kind of trades are what make the NBA so fun and unpredictable. Unlike in the NFL, an elite player that’s playing on a sub-par team in the NBA can be moved to another team at any time in the season and make a legitimate impact. Although Rajon Rondo will have a slight adjustment period with his new teammates, once playoff time comes around there’s no question that if Rondo is healthy he will be routinely approaching triple double numbers. Furthermore, as an NBA fan it’s nice to see great players get another shot to compete at the highest level in their sports. Every player doesn’t get to win a championship but at least now Rondo will have another chance to compete for a championship that he had no realistic shot of getting in Boston. Rondo isn’t the same young second year player out of Kentucky winning a Championship alongside “The Big 3” in Boston. Rondo is at the prime of his career and it sucks to see NBA stars who are stuck on lottery bound teams (yes we’re talking about Carmelo Anthony.) This is what makes the NFL so cruel because a lot of times great players in the NFL are stuck with their teams until they either force the organizations hand or wait until they are a free agent. For example Andre Johnson (Houston Texans Wide Receiver) has only been to the playoffs twice in his 12 year career and is almost certainly a 1st ballot Hall of Famer. Unfortunately right now his team is a mediocre 7-7 with the great possibility of missing the playoffs (yet again.) Although the trade deadline has already passed, even if it was mid-season it would have been unlikely for Johnson to be moved to another team and be able to produce at the same elite level because of the complexity of NFL offensive and defensive personnel. And so Johnson and his fans are stuck with the harsh reality that one of the greatest Wide Receivers to play in the new millennium may never even get to play in a conference championship, much less a Super Bowl. But thankfully Rajon Rondo won’t have that problem, and the wild, wild, western conference of the NBA just got even crazier.