AirAsia Flight Crash, 162 People Feared Dead!


For obvious reasons, 2014 has been one of the most depressing years regarding air travel primarily due to the drastic events that have been occurring in the eastern hemisphere of the globe. After experts weren’t capable of finding the missing Malaysian Airline flight (MH 370), along with witnessing a Malaysian plane shot down in Ukraine (MH17); a lingering fear of travel has been manifested globally. Unfortunately, this fear is still growing due to the most recent event of a flight, via AirAsia, going missing. According to BBC, flight QZ8501 was traveling from Indonesia to Singapore when it went missing after losing communication with air traffic control. This incident was said to have taken place at approximately 6:17AM (local time). Since then, investigators have located wreckage from the plane at Belitung Island; all 162 people on the plane are feared to be dead.

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