SNTW & POS x #NYE2K15 Full Playlist [Various Artists]


In honor of the support we’ve received since creating this blog in early January, the SNTW staff & POS would like to thank everyone who’s viewed our content. As a result, we’ve provided an extensive playlist of the various songs made throughout the year of 2014.

While hip-hop enthusiasts would like to think this has been “the worst year for rappers”, we would have to disagree. This year we’ve seen a lot, especially from producers and artists out of Atlanta, Georgia who’ve mastered a new sound. This new rockstar approach has prompted a culture of turning up and just living life. Likewise, we hope you enjoy the 88 track list (6 hrs. ) below as you prepare to bring in the new year! Check it out and share with your friends.

Happy New Year (this will be our last post until Thursday 01-01 2015)