New England Patriots Win In A Thriller!


Another year, another Super Bowl down in the history books. Unlike last year this Super Bowl was actually entertaining throughout the entire game. It had just enough scoring, big plays, & controversial play calls to make for a great Super Bowl. Outside of the Annihilation of the Denver Broncos; since the turn of the New Millennium it has become the norm for the Super Bowl to have a closely fought game. And likewise, this Super Bowl was no different. To cap off one of the greatest runs an NFL franchise has made in history, the New England Patriots have become sort of the NFL version of the San Antonio Spurs; winning 4 Championships with yesterday’s championship being exactly 10 years apart. This now brings Tom Brady’s total Super Bowl record to 4-2 and also ties him with the one & only “Joe Cool” Montana with 4 Super Bowl rings for a QB. Although the talking heads in the media will more than likely babble on about this for the next 2 months until the 2015 NFL draft; it’s pretty safe to say that Tom Brady has solidified himself as being the best QB not only of his generation, but in the history of the game. Fair or unfair,  team success is always used to validate the greatness of a player in team sports & although he will never have better statistical numbers as Peyton Manning or Drew Bree’s; he will have the one thing that all the legends like Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky, & Derek Jeter have….championship rings. Out of all the dramatic Super Bowls wins Brady & Belichick have had since 2001 this year’s has to be the best one yet. With little run game to help them, Tom Brady was able to put up 28 points against the vaunted “Legion of Boom” despite throwing 2 interceptions. Furthermore, outside of Russell Wilson’s interception at the end of the game, Brady’s defense did not provide many big plays throughout the game. Obviously the ending of the game will be the most talked about subject in the local barbershops, bars, & ESPN’s First Take. However if you look at the whole game in totality you will realize that you just witnessed an all-time great performance by an all-time great quarterback and a very unwise decision to throw for a 1-yard touchdown as opposed to running it with “Beast Mode.” Nevertheless, that wraps up the 2014 NFL season. Congratulations to the New England Patriots on a great finish!