Rising Artist:


This week we have the exclusive pleasure of introducing upcoming artist/ branding guru HOBBSisMyNAME. To start the new year off, the Philly native released an EP entitled Borderline Genius EP to give fans and listeners a taste of his versatility and flow. Check out our Q&A with HOBBSisMyNAME below.


1)  What inspires you to create music and why?
What inspires me.. what inspires me? I would have to say life itself. The experiences and situations I’ve been in all have had a vital part in forming my perception of things and molding me to who I am. I make music based on what I see and how I feel. I want people to get a sense of who I am from my songs and actually want to serve as a sense of inspiration myself…if that makes sense.
2) What target audience (of listeners) to you wish to reach?
 Anyone who has an appreciation of good music, especially lyrics with substance. I actually want people to listen to the words I’m saying oppose to just rockin’ with me on a trap beat and saying I’m hot. I’m a real mellow dude freal so you probably won’t ever hear a “turn up” song from me. But if you just want to mellow out to some smooth sounds, flows and lyrics, I’m targeting you haha.
3) If you could do a feature with one specific artist, who would it be and why?
I would have to say Lupe Fiasco, simply because “Food & Liquor” is the album that made me want to start rapping. I feel like if I did a song with him it would force me to take my lyrics to another level ’cause he’s going to bring a verse that will take you multiple listens to fully understand. I’m a fan of witty lyrics. And on another note, I would have to say Cole because he’s currently my favorite rapper in today’s industry. He [Cole] spits that real on every track, no gimmicks. I’m tryna get signed to Dreamville f’real, haha.
4) Any words or mottos of wisdom for aspiring artists?

Know yourself and find your niche. Don’t try to duplicate what’s already being done, find what works for you and constantly work to improve. I know I still have a lot of room for improvement, I’m still figuring out some things, but I’m confident that if I stay true to myself with this music I’m making, I can only go up from here. 

Check out HOBBSisMyName’s EP below and follow him on Instagram for his upcoming projects.