Chicago Bears Trade Brandon Marshall

We are still three days away from the beginning of free agency, but that has not stopped teams from  wheeling & dealing. One of the biggest moves of today was the Chicago Bears trading star receiver Brandon Marshall for the New York Jets for a 5th round pick. This is the THIRD time Brandon Marshall has been traded in his career and the lowest compensation ever given to acquire the pro bowler. Although Marshall has a reputation for being a distraction in the locker room & causing controversy; none of these narratives are any worse than the kinds of reputations that receded Randy Moss or Terrell Owens before him. Too many times fans and the media get so caught up in the behavior of a player as a means to justify that player not being worth the trouble of having. However history would suggest that in the game of professional athletics you win with great players, not boy scouts. The last time an elite Wide Receiver was traded for such a low compensation was Randy Moss to New England in 2007 (And we all know how that ended out.) This isn’t to say that Brandon Marshall is going to set the league on fire & break Moss’s single season record of touchdown receptions (especially after Geno Smith is the Quarterback of the Jets) but there is no reason to believe that when healthy, Marshall can be what he has always been in his career, which is one of the best Receivers in the NFL. Going from Jay Cutler to Geno Smith may not exactly be an upgrade at Quarterback, but Marshall has always been able to excel in his career despite mediocre QB play. The Chicago Bears organization is starting a full rebuild with new Head Coach John Fox. Apart of rebuilding is replacing older players with new, younger alternatives. It just may have been better to sell a little higher.