SAE’s Racist Chant Goes Viral [Video]

One of my good friends asked me to be brutally honest about Black fraternities and sororities in regards to having derogatory chants to other races or cultures. It was an interesting question because one could hypothesize that all fraternities & sororities have chants similar to SAE’s at OU. Fortunately, not only do I know where my frat stands on these issues, I know where other NPHC organizations stand in which WE never have/will chant degrading terms because of the color of one’s skin. In fact, more times than not, members of other races who join our NPHC orgs are usually praised even more than the “typical” black greek member solely out of respect for taking the time to understand black history and the achievement of young men and women to build an organization to facilitate collegiate education in a time where black men and women were publicly getting lynched…but I digress.
The video was kind of weird to watch, i wasn’t surprised about the chant, for some reason i’m pretty numb to racism, I was just shocked by how happy some of the SAE members were to sing that chant…now we will be plagued of another wave of racial tension in America (something we don’t need). Take into account not all SAE members probably think the same as the ones shown on the video, however, these are the consequences of the social media age. Through all of the current recent racial stories I hope Americans can begin to converse more with other races to understand how/where different ideologies come from. Also as blacks we have to understand that the members in the video don’t represent one ideology of a single race as well.

Naturally, this has already gone viral & is currently getting attention from both local media in the state & formats from national media platforms like NBC to Huffington post. The video has not been online for more than 24 hours and Armageddon has already ensued. Protests & “Silent Demonstrations” have already taken place & the students involved in the video have apparently already been suspended.