Maxo Kream x Maxo 187

It doesn’t take much to notice just how large of an impact Houston culture has influenced the rap game. You can name any popular rap artist and I guarantee you there’s some song he/she has made that includes choppin’ or screwin’ their music. The legacy Robert Earl Davis Jr. (Dj Screw) left us has inevitably progressed hip-hop’s aura. When you hear chopped & screwed music you get a sense of Texas culture; our way of life. Fast forward 15 years later and you have another artist who is creating his own lane through Houston culture; Maxo Kream.


Maxo Kream, who reins from the S.W.A.T.,  is a uniquely talented rapper because his flow, though a little faster than most Houston rappers, is always on point and in-sync with every song he makes. A Houston rapper with a crazy lyrical flow; unprecedented.  Not only is the young artist lyrical, but versatile in which he can speed up or slow down his lyrics to match the pace of the beat/production. What we like about this tape is how vivid the lyrics paint a picture of the city of Houston. And maybe it’s because we’re from Houston we can relate to the songs more than the average “outside” listener. Regardless, any hip-hop enthusiast can appreciate good music and that’s what this tape is all about.

Maxo 187  is the dopest project he’s dropped yet. Hosted by Dallas’ own Dj Mr. Rogers, this mixtape features talented young artists such as The Sauce Twinz, Joey Bada$$, Father, Le$, LAMB$, & Ski Mask Malley. A complete mixtape to say the least, we thoroughly enjoyed listening to this tape. Shoutout to the producers on this tape as well, every beat was crazy! Listen below and let us know if you feel the same!

** Must Listens: Astrodome, 1998, Cell Boomin