Sam Bradford Traded For Nick Foles

Judgment Day has come to the NFL. Free Agency is officially open & madness has ensued.  Chip Kelly & his Philadelphia Eagles are going to look completely different in this upcoming NFL season. After letting go of Lesean McCoy & Jeremy Maclin signing with Kansas City; he now has let go of his starting Quarterback.

The St. Louis Rams & Chip Kelly have agreed to trade Sam Bradford for Nick Foles straight up, with draft pick swaps. Both of these QB’s have had their fair share of ups and downs throughout their careers,  Bradford’s came early when he was a No.1 Overall pick for the Rams after winning the Heisman during his time at the University of Oklahoma.

Foles on the other hand, flew under the radar as a collegiate QB but was discussed as an MVP candidate last year, prior to injury, due to the offensive production he was responsible for in the Chip Kelly designed offense.hi-res-185127762-quarterback-nick-foles-of-the-philadelphia-eagles-looks_crop_exact

Although there will be much discussion over the trade (as with any move in professional sports) but ultimately both of these players are, at this point in time, mostly unproven.

It is interesting to examine this trade once you consider the fact that both quarterbacks are coming off of serious injuries from last year, which has been a recurring theme for Bradford.

Although Foles may be viewed as the better quarterback
at this given time, Bradford has shown repeatedly that he is capable of competing at a high level in the National Football League, though durability questions will continue to follow Bradford until he proves he can stay healthy for 16 games.

This will also be a big test for Nick Foles because now he must prove to the rest of NFL that he is capable of playing at a high level, and not just a product of Chip Kelly’s high powered offensive system.

Only time will tell with these two talented quarterbacks, but if free agency has shown us anything, it’s safe to say that nobody in Philadelphia is safe while Chip Kelly is calling the shots.