Two Officers Shot In Ferguson!

While racial tension and civil unrest continue to grow in America, another unfortunate event occurred overnight in Ferguson, Missouri.  Ferguson, a city that grew global attention because of the death of Michael Brown, is now back on the spotlight after two police officers were shot during a protest outside of the Ferguson Police Department.

This tragic event comes as a culmination of the various stories disclosed to the public within the past few weeks. Two weeks ago Eric Holder and the Department of Justice disclosed that the Ferguson Police Department was found to have bias and racially charged emails towards African Americans. Moreover, the DOJ found that the Ferguson Police Department abused their public servant power to take advantage of African American during traffic stops.

Fast forward to last night, a St. Louis County officer (41) and a Webster Grove officer (32) (both out of county), were helping regulate protesters in front of the Ferguson Police Department. Chief Belmar explained to reporters that as the protesting was dying down, approximately around midnight three shots were fired. It was in this said moment that both officers were struck, one in the shoulder and one in the face.

This type of civil unrest is painful to watch because it inevitably continues to build fear and tension for every American citizen. What was crazy to watch in the video above was how calm Chief Jon Belmar talked to the press. It was a clear sign that he knew an incident as such would happen. In fact, he even states that in the video. I liked his honesty, this was one of the few times I believe Chief Belmar was genuine in which he believes that the current situation in Ferguson is a hostile environment for officers.

And thanks to tonight’s events he should!

We’ll continue to update this story as we find more information. Pray for the two officers shot. Pray for Ferguson.