Dame Dash Interview Evokes Entrepreneurial Spirit

Co-founder of Roc-A-Fella, Damon “Dame” Dash, was recently at Power 105.1 for another interview on the nationally syndicated show The Breakfast Club. The acclaimed executive producer and entrepreneur had one of the most interesting Breakfast Club interviews we’ve witnessed in a long time. Contrary to what some people may say or feel about Damon Dash, his interview showed why he is a die-hard entrepreneur who’s serious about his craft and well being of people within his circle (friends, family, etc).

Due to the interview being an hour long, I broke down some key points to this interview which I found most profound for not only for myself, but for others.

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The interview started off pretty intensely after DJ Envy asked Dame Dash a question that he has been repeatedly asked for the past 15 years; ” how did he and Jay-Z fallout?” Rightfully so, Dame Dash was immediately bothered by the gossip/ “chatty patty” that comes with the types of questions that involve he and HOV’s past relationship. Nevertheless, it prompted Dame Dash to ask about the type of content and questions that are discussed on the popular radio show. At this moment, I had to ask myself the same question:

“What does the Breakfast Club actually talk about?”

Just as Dame Dash stated, it was the realization that the Breakfast Club is a radio station that circumvents their show around gossip. From an entertainment standpoint nothing is wrong with that, however, if that’s the only thing someone’s mind consumes, then in essence that’s what one’s mind will become; trapped. It was after this realization, Dame then posed the question to Dj Envy, “What do you own?”. A very interesting question not just for DJ Envy, but for myself and hopefully for others.

“What do you own?”

In essence a lot of us buy things that we can’t pass on to our future generations. Moreover, a lot of us place ourselves in work positions that won’t help guarantee our offspring a job or placement within that specific job. Dame discussed that this is a problem because when one works for a “boss” they have little to no say when it comes to how the operations should be ran. Why? Well because as long as one has a boss, that specific person has to answer a higher superior.

Dame discussed that he’s capable of owning because everything he does he uses his own money to finance. He claims that people are too risky to use their own money and in essence end up having to answer to someone of higher authority.


One of the most important statements made in this interview was when Dame talked about his son and the business that he created called Buns. Dame talked about his son’s business not so much for PR purposes, but to show that his son had created something that he owned. This revelation lead Dame to discuss about the creativity many people give away for free because of their “contentment” and laziness”. Though some people may have taken that the wrong way, I couldn’t agree more. A prime example of people giving away their creativity can be found when viewing social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Anchorman Gif

All day social media users can be found creating witty gifs and memes just for a “retweet” or “regram”. Sure popularity from these social media platforms can increase one’s chances of breaking into stardom, however, a lot of time is wasted by this process. So what is the way one can go about creating a lane for themselves? For starters, one can build an organic website aside from their social media platform. I wish more people would understand retweets and regrams are only going to continue to give Twitter and Instagram more traffic and more hits. If you’re comfortable with someone taking advantage of your creativity then so be it, however, I came to this realization a year ago, hence the reason for creating this blog.


One of the more personal instances of this interview dealt with Dame dash and what he thought about adhesiveness within the Black community. Dame, a successful executive producer and media mogul, called out Spike Lee for not wanting to meet to discuss about producing and doing business within the movie area. This was interesting to view because though someone like Damon Dash probably has a list of successful contacts, he showed his disappointment with Spike Lee because Spike is someone he looked up to. I think Dame Dash’s eagerness to work with established movie producers like Spike Lee is a microcosm of young entrepreneurs, such as myself, who seek to make the necessary connections in the media world, but don’t have all the pieces together or adhesiveness to do so. Nevertheless,  I think Spike Lee should definitely give Dame Dash a chance after watching this interview.

In conclusion…

I believe a lot of people took this interview in different ways. Some believe Dame Dash’s approach was too degrading to the “middle class”. Some also believe that he was too arrogant and shouldn’t bash the people who consume his services. However, what I took from it, was that Dame Dash is a man of “No Excuses”. A very interesting point Dame Dash made was when discussing about the Internet and how it levels the playing field for one to think. This point is something that more consumers should understand; if want to learn more about ANYTHING in this world, use the internet! Sadly, not everyone thinks this way, hence the reason people consume gossip “chatty patty” blogs and columns all day. Nevertheless, I’m not one of those people and I admit I definitely left this interview inspired to become a successful entrepreneur. However, I just hope his interview did the same for others…


– RW