Jay-Z & Others Launch Tidal For All Service

“The Tides They Are A-Changing” at least that’s what Shawn Carter believes. After investing $56 Million in the Swedish company Aspiro, the business mogul is ready to unleash his own music streaming business to the masses in North America. The streaming service made by Aspiro called “Tidal” was just released yesterday at 5PM Eastern Time to compete with other music streaming services like Spotify & iTunes.

What is believed to separate Tidal’s services from other well-known music streaming services is their superior “Loss-less” high-resolution music, curated playlists, overall better sound quality, and Taylor Swift. That’s right, America’s favorite pop star can be found on this trendy new music site, unlike Spotify, which she refused to be a part of. Which may be another advantage that Tidal has that their other competitors don’t which is influence from one of music’s biggest mogul’s. Jay-Z has been making noise recently about his next power move & he’s caught the attention of other prominent artists & has managed to make a short video to help promote this new endeavor. Oh and if you’re interested in getting on the new wave, you can start a free 30 day trial to test it out.

However, if you think I would leave Spotify’s services of $9.99/month for Tidal’s services of $19.99/month, you are greatly mistaken.