Moe Mu$ic x Made 4 This Shit

If there is one thing many millennials have mastered, it’s the ability to stay versatile while seeking to perfect one’s endeavors in this game called life. Likewise, whether one is in school, on a collegiate basketball team, or a free lance photographer, many millennials have been breaking boundaries in the music industry by using their resources to help spring their career as a young artist. But how about someone who is involved in all three? Moe Mu$ic is just that! As a student athlete, a photographer, and now a rising artist, the Houston, Texas native recently released the visuals for his song “Made 4 This Shit”. By combining vibrant colors, a dope graffiti backdrop and soothing beats, the video will definitely be a summer favorite for many, if not all, viewers. Check it out below and let us know what you think!