Flume x “Some Minds” Feat. Andrew Wyatt


Today, Flume unveiled his newest song “Some Minds”, a fascinatingly good collaboration which features Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt. Half haunting ballad, half twinkling, synth-heavy melody, the song’s slow buildup and release goes toe-to-toe with anything Harley Streten had put out previously. Yet ultimately, “Some Minds” forays into a more experimental sound for the young producer.

You can watch the Clemens Habicht-directed video above, which takes place in the iconic Sydney Opera House, while checking out what Streten told Pitchfork about the collaboration below:

“On the first album I had only worked remotely with singers sending files back and forth over the internet. I still enjoy working remotely but have also done a bunch of sessions with people in person. Sometimes its quite odd, even uncomfortable as you have never met… writing music is a very personal process for me. The session for “Some Minds” with Andrew was one of the most natural I’ve done. “Some Minds” is a song, not a track, which is what I was trying to achieve with this one….

The last four months has been the longest I’ve had at home in Sydney without being on the road touring and, while I love travelling, it’s nice to come home to such a beautiful place like Sydney. It was humbling to be able to make something in a building so iconic. Being inside the Sydney Opera House filming overnight with no one in the building, it was quite eerie, the place has so much character. The director Clemens [Habicht] really nailed what I wanted to achieve in getting a balance between the real and synthetic, he has a great eye… It’s our love letter to Sydney.”

– J Mon.

via SNTW