Kids, Better Learn Your Lesson

We live in a digital age ladies and gents.  There is no getting around it, information is being shared through mediums that are still (relatively) in their infancy, at rates that have never been seen before.  Every aspect of our generation’s existence is being documented and filed away forever in the deep abyss that is the internet.

The latest examples comes to us by way of the NBA Draft.  Jahlil Okafor and Larry Nance Jr.  both received quite a bit of press this week for their catalogued tweets, vine clips (and remixes) that have gone viral and quickly opened their eyes to the level of scrutiny professional athletes face in this day and age.

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Okafor dropped to the 3rd overall pick after both Minnesota and the Los Angeles Lakers passed on him, leaving the 2014-2015 ACC Player of the Year to be less than pleased about the team he will likely play for over the next 4-5 years.  Check out his reaction after he was announced at the 76ers official press conference here.

Nance’s case is a little more distant but should be a lesson for all millennials everywhere, regardless of your profession.  Nance got in some hot water because of a 3 year old tweet that issued a bit of harsh criticism for the rookies newest Superstar teammate.


Maybe this is only a story because Larry Nance Jr. got drafted to the Los Angeles Lakers but what is truly alarming is how normal it is to have to handle questions about your thoughts or views from years ago that are now forever available on the internet (if made public).

Just a friendly reminder to be extremely careful of what you’re doing and saying on social media, it could come back to haunt you….and speaking of things that will haunt you, here is video of NBA sharpshooter Jimmer Fredette dancing in an extremely disturbing way at his college teammates wedding.