Technology Allows Blind Mother to Meet her Unborn Child

Tatiana Guerra is 30 years old and 20 weeks pregnant.  She also lost her sight at the age of 17.  This is not a sad story, but rather one of triumph and empowerment through technology.  For almost ANY MOTHER, seeing, meeting and holding your child for the first time is one of the biggest moments of their lives.  The feeling is indescribable (I’ve been told).

Many mothers without sight before Tatiana were not able to experience this feeling.  However in 2015 3-D printing technology has allowed Tatiana to break down this barrier and meet her brand new baby boy Murilo.

This is yet another heart wrenching example of the amazing things that can be done to improve our lives with technological advancements.  Enjoy the video titled: Meeting Murilo below and leave your thoughts on this mini miracle in the comment section!