The World’s 10 Richest People Of All Time

A few weeks ago CNN Money listed the world’s richest people of all time. The information provided is based on various studies from historians, college professors and economist. Check out the names below to find out who made it on the list!

Chinggis-khaanGenghis Khan

  • Mongolian Empire
  • Wealth: A lot of Land!






Bill-GatesBill Gates

  • United States
  • Wealth: $78.9 Billion




220px-Alan_RufusAlan Rufus

  • England
  • Wealth: $194 Billion





John D. Rockefeller

  • United States
  • Wealth: $194 Billion


Andrew Carnegie

  • United States
  • Wealth: $372 Billion




03a0dd4ed1e9bd96524c158dd272f7f8Joseph Stalin

  • USSR
  • Wealth: 9.6% of World GDP








Akbar I

  • India
  • Wealth: 25% of Global GDP

Shenzong_of_SongEmperor Shenzong

  • China
  • Wealth: 25% – 30% of Global GDP


Augustus Caesar

Augustus von Prima Porta (20-17 v. Chr.), aus der Villa Livia in Prima Porta, 1863

Augustus Caesar

  • Rome
  • Wealth: $4.6 TrillionAugustus Caesar


Mansa Musa

  • Mali
  • Wealth: Indescribable

According to various professor, Mansa Musa’s West African Kingdom was the largest producer of Gold.