Pictures Worth 1,000 Words: Six Flags New Orleans 10 Years Later

Hurricane Katrina was the largest and 3rd strongest hurricane ever recorded in the US.  Many lives, homes and communities were lost in walls of water that reached up to 20 feet in height.

The devastation that was left during this tragedy is still apparent when you walk around many of the wards around the New Orleans community today.  Esquire Magazine released a piece this week, diving into the lasting damage that was left during hurricane Katrina, and the impact it’s had on the culture of New Orleans. That piece that can be read here.

However, out of that piece Esquire released a collection of photos from the Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans.  This remarkable collection of photos shows how quickly a landmark for family fun, personal enjoyment and happiness can turn into desolation, despair and… Alligators?

Gators roam the waters of Six Flags New Orleans
Gators roam the waters of Six Flags New Orleans

Thats unfortunately just one of the eye opening images that has been revealed.  We have included a few of the images that stood out in our eyes below but we encourage you to go visit the full gallery here.

It’s not Halloween but imagine how spooky this place gets at night.