“KANYEFORPRESIDENT” Domain Worth Continues to Increase Weeks After Kanye’s Announcement

While some may deem this as “luck of the draw” or serendipity, 24 year old Tramall Ferguson is no rookie when it comes to making small acquisitions in return for a nice hefty ROI. You see, the Belleville, Illinois native recently moved to Atlanta to broaden his promising business in Financial Advising. Likewise, it should come as no to surprise that his acquisition of WWW.KANYEFORPRESIDENT.COM  (for merely $1 last  April) would somehow come into play after Mr. West announced his 2020 presidential bid a few weeks ago at the 2015 VMA’s.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 11.57.24 PM
via Tramall’s Instagram profile

“..You see, I think this had to be a random act of God because one night I randomly had thoughts to purchase the domain expecting it to one day have some value..” – Tramall F.

At the time Tramall didn’t know just how soon the acquired domain would become relevant, however, he definitely saw the vision; a vision that became a reality the night of the 2015 VMA’s.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 11.57.18 PM

 August 31st ( a day after the award show) the 24 year old was bombarded with various emails, phone calls, and text messages of possible investors/owners of the seemingly ingenious domain name. TMZ reports that offers up to $80k have been offered thus far. After talking with Tramall, however, the humble 24 year old stated that:

” I don’t want to get rich off this idea. Honestly, a chance to establish a business relationship with Kanye will suffice.” 

Well one thing is for certain, we think It’s only a matter of time before Kanye gives Mr. Ferguson a call. After weeks of various headlines,  Mr. West has not changed his mind about his 2020 Presidential campaign. Likewise, one thing is for certain; a domain name like this is very hard to come by!