High School Football Player Dies, Two Weeks After Collapsing

Per Wayne Staats of the Augusta Chronicle, offensive lineman Rod Williams of Burke County high school passed away Monday night, Williams was 17 years old. Earlier this morning the school held at vigil at the flagpole for students & faculty alike to pay their respects to a man that lost his life way too early. According to Eric Parker, head coach of Burke County High; Williams collapsed during practice on Sep. 22. After being non-responsive to medical staffers, Williams was the transported to Georgia Regents Medical Center. While being in the hospital Williams condition had worsened throughout the weeks up until Oct. 5th when he ultimately passed away. Although there are no more details on this recent tragedy, because Williams passed out while playing football it is inevitably going to be looked at as a death in relation to the popular sport. As a matter of fact, the Associated Press recently pointed out in a column Monday (No relation) that there have already been 5 deaths this season alone suffered by high school players. With Williams looking to be another death to that total, parents across America are going to have to do some serious soul searching on whether or not they would want their child to play the very sport that they love so much.

Rest In Peace Rod Williams. #longlive71