Sean Combs & LA Reid Agree To Merge Bad Boy & Epic Records

LA Reid  announced yesterday that he and Sean “Diddy” Combs have officially merged Bad Boy Entertainment & Epic Records. The business deal includes two new forthcoming albums from Diddy. In addition, the two labels will create a joint deal for artists that will provide Bad Boy artists customary label services including promotion, marketing, sales and distribution. Epic records made statement pointing out that this deal “will bring a new generation of Bad Boy artists to Epic in an exclusive label partnership,” according to the statement made by Epic Records.

Although both Bad Boy as a record company is no where near the status that it was in the late 90’s there is still one major star that carries the Bad Boy brand on his back in Sean “Diddy” Combs. His star power is more music “mogul” than music “artist” but nonetheless he is still known worldwide, and despite having moderate success with affiliated artists like Janell Monae, Machine Gun-Kelly, & French Montana; none were mentioned in this announcement of two legendary figures of Hip-Hop coming together. To celebrate the signing, Puff Daddy will perform some of his new music at the BET Hip-Hop Awards scheduled for Oct. 13th in Atlanta, GA.

The other aspect of this merger is LA Reid attempting to get back into the swing of things after falling off in recent years as well. After attempting to be a “TV Judge Personality” & CEO of a major record company at the same time. Reid has been going through a drought of his own in the music industry after his immense success with artists like Pink & Usher becoming global super-stars under his tutelage. However this isn’t the 2000’s anymore, and the truth of the matter is when it comes to music today in the hip-hop community; Reid & Diddy just aren’t as relevant anymore.

Outside of a few cameo appearances here & there, you rarely see the top artists in Hip-Hop today associated with Bad Boy records, unless it’s Diddy Involved. Although Ried has had some recent mainstream success with Meghan Trainor, as far as hip-hop community is concerned, Ried just isn’t as relevant as he once was. Its possible that this merger could be a situation of two old heads in hip-hop combining forces, trying to get back to the early years when they were consistently topping the charts in a genre that they help put in the position it is today. Although there will be a lot initial excitement for the two names coming together, ultimately the fans will make the decision of how important this merger is based on the success of the quality of music that will be coming out.