The Ending Of An Era: US Airways Final Flight Takes off Friday Night

One of America’s most popular Airlines will take it’s last flight on October  16th, 2015. As the merger between American Airlines & US Airways nears it’s completion, US Airways official last flight will be a red-eye from San Francisco to Philadelphia; marking the last ever departure under the US Airways name as the carrier’s merger. Once Flight #1939 flight departs San Francisco at 9:55 PM American & US Airways will begin the unification of their respective reservation systems for the flights of both airlines. Once Flight 1939 reaches it’s final destination in Philadelphia (Where the company was founded in 1939) US Airways flights will be no more. One the two major airline reservation systems are merged, the re-branding will begin. US Airways website will be taken down, along with countless planes being re-painted to represent the “New American” airline brand.


After countless mergers throughout the past few decades, the airline industry in the US has slowly shrunk to only four major airlines. Much like the Entertainmant industry now being controlled by 6 companies; in order to get a flight in the US customers will have a small number of options between Southwest, Delta, United, or American Airlines. Whether right or wrong this is the effects of doing big business in a capitalistic economic system & in order to stay alive, sometimes companies have to stick together or become extinct. In the case of US Airways, merging was the only option. Here’s a tribute video to the long history off one of America’s most popular airlines that will be no more.