Russian Airline Crashes With No Survivors

Per Russian Airbus A-321 had just left the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, bound for St Petersburg when it crashed in the Hasana area right outside of Cairo, Egypt. Approximately 224 lives were lost in this crash. Russian President Vladimir Putin has already declared Sunday a day of mourning for the deaths of this unfortunate tragedy, while also organizing an investigation of the crash. As a matter of fact, there has already been a criminal case opened for the Russian airline Kogalymavia, who was operating the flight. All of the passengers onboard were more than likely tourists spending vacation at the Sharm El-Sheikh resort; with 138 Women onboard along with 17 children ages ranging from 2-17, and 96 Men. The remaining victims were the flight crew. Although there is not exactly a great relationship between the USA & Russia, anytime a tragedy like this happens where innocent lives are lost too soon is not only a day of mourning for the Country of Russia, but should be a day of mourning for everyone across the world. Lets all be thankful for the life we have today & be mindful of the hundreds of sons, daughters, & parents that lost theirs today.

Image Courtesy of NY Daily News