Houston Rockets Fire Head Coach Kevin McHale

After a 4-7 start to the NBA season, Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey has decided to fire head coach Kevin McHale. Apparently winning 56 games & making the Western Conference Finals last year isn’t enough in today’s NBA for a Head Coach to keep his job. McHale has become the latest casualty in a trend of good head coaches losing their jobs on winning teams. Like Mark Jackson, Scott Brooks, & George Karl before him; McHale was let go despite having success by any NBA standard. Although it has become common in today’s NBA for these types of firings to happen it doesn’t make it less ridiculous. 11 games into the season & the coach get’s fired? With over 70 games left still to play? It’s very unreasonable & unfair to fire a coach this early in the season with all the past success McHale has had. What makes it worse is that Houston will more than  likely still end up winning over 50 Games & competing in the playoffs this season.

The reason why it’s so easy for Morey to make a rash move such as this is because he still has James Harden & Dwight Howard on the roster. Since there is only 5 players per team playing on the court at any given time, the importance for having high caliber players far outweighs the need for a coach (I mean, just ask Cleveland.) Harden has not been very efficient this year shooting the ball, & it seems like the team as a whole is starting to follow Harden’s lead on the defensive as well. Which…..obviously is not good. However despite the slow start & sudden coaching change. The Rockets still have the best 2-Gaurd in the league, along with an elite defensive center in Howard & a Dynamic Point gaurd in Ty Lawson. The Rockets will be fine. McHale will be too, given that his off-season just started.