For The First Time Since 1986, A Woman Is Named “TIME’S Person Of The Year”!

Angela Merkel with President Barack Obama at G-7 Summit.

As Chancellor of Germany since 2005, Angela Merkel has made strides to fix economic and political crises within her European country. However, though her previous accolades were admirable, none had a greater impact more than her decisions as Chancellor in the year of 2015. This year, not only did Merkel push for Greek debt relief, Angela Merkel also decided to allow 1 Million+ refugees to enter Germany by the end of this year. Globally, this decision has received praise for opening Germany’s borders to the less fortunate. However, to native Germans, Merkel’s recent decisions have prompted Right-Wing protesters and advocates to voice their concern over the many refugees who now have entered their country. Moreover, the recent terrorist acts in Paris, France haven’t helped appease Merkel’s decision. Regardless of what’s to come from the recent influx of refugees now in Germany, one this for certain; Angela Merkel’s decision of 2015 have greatly impacted her country, and hopefully for the better. And as a result, TIME magazine has crowned Angela Merkel as 2015’s “Person Of The Year”.

*Angela Merkel is now the 4th woman in history to ever receive this achievement*