Martin Shkreli Resigns As CEO Of Turing Pharmaceuticals

A few months ago we brought you the story of CEO Martin Shkreli and his involvement in raising a price of a pill from $18 to $750. The pill Daraprim is said to fight parasitic infections for patients who have AIDS. Likewise, due to the drug being so important for patients  to sustain life, Martin Shkreli received national and international backlash for raising the price of Daraprim (a 62 year old drug) by 4000%!

Not only is Martin Shkreli an opportunist in terms of pharmaceutical business practices, Shkreli boasts about being an avid hip-hop fan. In fact, a few weeks ago legendary hip hop group Wu-Tang released Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Wu-Tang only released one copy of this record in which is was auctioned off to the highest bidder. Already infamous for raising the price of a pill by 4000%, we assume Martin had enough money to splurge because that is exactly what he did when buying THE ONLY Once Upon a Time in Shaolin Wu-Tang record for a whopping $2 Million. To make matters even worst, Martin claims he has no sense of urgency to listen to the album, something that definitely made Wu-Tang fans cringe solely because no one else has the means to listen to this record but Martin Shkreli.

“Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” Album

Welp…. one thing is for certain, Karma is definitely real. As of yesterday, Martin Shkreli resigned after being arrested on security fraud stemming from hedge funds from an old company he owned named Retrophin Inc. To view the full story of the pending charges and the details that lead to Martin Shkreli’s arrest click here.