“Affluenza” Teen & Mom Caught In Mexico

A few years ago Texas teen Ethan Couch made national headlines after killing 4 people while driving intoxicated and ONLY receiving 10 years probation as punishment. The defense’s reason for Ethan’s poor judgement was deemed as “affluenza” (literally a made-up term to show that Ethan’s poor judgement was clouded by the abundance of wealth that “consumed” his daily life). Likewise, after receiving such a slap on the wrist, Couch was sentenced to a unique rehabilitation center in California, for rich kids, that cost his family $450,000 annually. In 2014, reports showed that Ethan was making progress at the center, however, as of late December of 2015, Ethan violated his probation when a video of him playing beer-pong surfaced. As a result of that video, Ethan’s parole officer tried to get in touch with him immediately, but Ethan never responded. It was a week later, December 11th, that a warrant was issued out for his arrest in which authorities believed the “affluenza” teen had fled the country.