Big Rome x Breakthrough Artist of 2016


Hailing from the East coast, Baltimore (410) to be exact, Big Rome has been laying down tracks on wax for about two years. Rome, is this year’s “Break Through Artist” for many reasons. For starters, the underground rapper has an impressive flow and content that should be resonated amongst American youth. Also, Big Rome released a freshman EP  last year entitled Romemania Black 7 which consisted of many bangerz for listeners/fans to vibe along. Check out our Q & A with the gifted artist below!

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“ I didn’t really know what would come from just  having fun, but when I was working back at the store I used to freestyle with coworkers just to past time, but after they (coworkers) heard me, they told me I should seriously consider pursuing a career in music and making tracks. “


When was the first time you actually made a track?

“So my homeboy used to  bring the recording equipment in his truck ( an old school Expedition), so we used to put the windows up and start rapping while the recording equipment was on. The first song I ever created was called What u mean? Personally I think it was trash (haha), my friends kept it real with me and said it was trash too. So I kept on working on my grind. A few weeks later I met some people from my job who had an actual closet studio. Though the closet studio helped perfect my sound, the repletion of being around a mic gave me the bravado to really spit”.

Nice, so what gave you the idea to come up with your EP Romemania Black 7?

“Romemania Black 7… it’s the audio images of my mind, my mental. Romemania = mental, Black 7 = my people, the meaning of it is that “maybe we’ll be free in Heaven or “higher power”. 7 is the foundation of God’s word , hence why we have 7 days in a week”

That’s what’s up! So what you would you say was the first song that people started taking you seriously as an artist?

“That Ain’t You” was the first song was the first song I recorded for Romemania Black  7. The track was recorded in a studio in Houston.

The meaning behind  it is that a lot of rappers out here that don’t even come from the streets talk about that lifestyle, and it’s messing up our youth. I come from that lifestyle and I’m putting in work to change the perception of our communities  because that’s the only thing we have to do to make it out. WE can do anything we want. And with our talents we have to realize what’s real and what’s not.

What do you wish to evoke in your city of Baltimore for you and the youth through your music?

“I want them to think and know that they matter. You don’t have to shoot a nxgga or sell rocks, they should use their talent to find out their history to understand what really matters, you know, when nxggas actually had respect for one another”

Will you be performing in any shows this year?

“That’s the next thing on my list, 2015 was a time for me to make music, 2016 is my time to showcase my talent.”


Stay tuned for more EPs and projects coming from Big Rome soon!