Class of 2015 Is Most Indebted Group Of College Students in U.S. History!

With the 2016 Presidential election set to be underway this November, a lot of Americans will be voting for the candidate who will best attempt to solve the current student-debt crises among undergraduate and graduate college students in America. And for good reason, all U.S. citizens should be focused on the current conditions because the overall debt can stemming solely from education can play a major impact on the future of American economics. According to analyst Mark Kantrowitz, college students finishing in 2015 will graduate with an average of $35,051 (via



With the increase of college debt rising each year, do you think America will drastically have to change college tuition for more families to afford sending their kids to college?

Do you think we will see more Americans going to European countries with low to no cost for colleges such as Germany;  a country that has abolished tuition for it’s students?