Solar Power In Pakistan Parliament

Lately in the US and other parts of the world there have been multiple discussions between experts, world leaders, & politicians about climate change & the need for “Sustainable Energy.” However there has not been any action towards these world leaders & governments as it relates to actually using sustainable energy, until now. Per Rebecca Flood, Pakistan’s Parliament has become the first public building in the world to run entirely on Solar Power. With some financial assistance from China, Pakistan was able to complete the transition in less than a year. According to Pakistani news outlets the Parliament produces 80 megawatts of electricity, with 62 utilized by the national assembly & the rest used by the national grid. On February 12th members of parliament met in the building & it was completely powered by the sun.


Pakistani officials have already stated that there will be future plans to make more public buildings converted to solar power in the attempts of improving combating what they call “An Energy Crisis.” Although it is still in the early stages, the house of Parliament is believed t0 save up to a million dollars that it would normally cost to pay for power through other energy sources. India averages eight hours of sunshine 320 days a year, making it very convenient for Solar power use. However despite the potential for solar power use, the overall infrastructure of electricity use across the country is still limited to only half of the total population; with multiple power outages & blackouts being a common theme throughout Pakistan. Although there are some challenges to make Solar Power accessible to all its citizens, it’s a positive sign that the leadership in Pakistan have taken action in trying to find alternatives means of sustainable energy use for it’s country.