New York Times Outlines 503 Most Powerful Americans By Race

New York Times recently released a periodic table of current Americans who influence power, and thus culture, in our American society. What I love about this particular project by New York Times is that they provide a tangible look at the faces of politicians, owners, entertainers,  and CEOs all on one page for people like you and me to learn and research. You see, the people shown on this project should be people you would want to learn and research about because you’re either:

(a): working for a company one of the “503 Most powerful Americans” own or manage.

(b): paying for a service “the 503 Most Powerful Americans” manage or provide.

(c): the “503 Most Powerful Americans” may affect your future generations/family’s way of living.

(d): want to become as successful as one of the “503 Most Powerful Americans”!


What’s crazy about our current economy is that merger’s at the top are only getting more powerful and controlling the consumer market by buying out smaller companies. Likewise, it’s important to learn how to become a seller rather than a buyer in a market such as America.

In terms of diversity, do you think the aforementioned 503 leaders genuinely reflect American culture? And “if not” why should CEOs/ leaders become more diverse for merit based positions (like CEO)?

For the 503 people listed in New York Time’s article, I believe each and every person shown is brilliant. Whether they achieved their merit based position through honesty, perception, or greed the underlying factor is that they represent the 1% of America. And with that 1% comes a lot of power to shift culture and society; thus the daily routine of our lives. Likewise, it’s important for millennials to wake up and place ourselves in these positions so that we do not become financially or spiritually trapped.