Emerging Long Island artist Rye a.k.a ‘RyeGuy’ has just released his debut album, Silence Dogood today. Rye has come a long way, and like most has faced his share of tragedies in life. Nonetheless, Rye remains level-headed and optimistic in his daily approach to life, and Silence Dogood is a testament to this. Motivated by his hunger to be respected and recognized in his craft, Rye has clearly shown that there truly is “beauty in the struggle”.

Product of Society got a chance to sit down with this talented artist for a Q&A to tap into the mind of this New York artist and his approach to the hip-hop game, as well as getting a deeper understanding behind what Silence Dogood actually represents.

Silence Dogood is available for stream and download at the-lions.co .


Q: What was your inspiration behind the making of this album?
Two things. I want to prove that I can rap at a high level and I want listeners to know more about my life story.

Q: What was your process like, as far as writing and recording the album? The album took me about 6 months to write and memorize. I recorded the whole thing in 15 hours. The first session I recorded 11 songs in 5 hours. New personal record.

Q: What do you mean by memorize?
When I go to the studio I don’t read my lyrics off of a phone or paper I just memorize all the words and melodies, then record straight through. This allows me to add more color and energy to the songs.

Q: What artists besides yourself are you currently listening to?
I’m weird when it comes to listening to music because I listen to about three or four entire albums on loop for a few days opposed to having all songs on shuffle or just their singles. I enjoy listening to the album from start to finish, how the artist intended to take the journey. Currently, I’m listening to Gwen Stefani’s new album This is What the Truth Feels Like. Gwen has always been a huge inspiration to me, her music and her voice takes me to where no other artist can, she has endless talent. I have also been listening to Kehlani’s You Should Be Here and of course Kanye’s The Life of Pablo, incredible album.

Q: What was the idea behind the title and cover art?
Silence Dogood is actually Ben Franklin’s first alias he used in order to get published in his brothers newspaper, (Google “Silence Dogood” and the title will make sense.) I wanted the cover to look very colonial-American and antique. The artist who drew the cover is Arion Anrich, he’s from Italy.

Q: You only had two features out of 16 songs, any reason for so few featured artists?
I didn’t specifically intend to only have two features, that’s just how the songs came about. But, Scammy (a.k.a ScamRon) is one of my best friends, he’s my brother and that’s who I started this whole music thing with so he will always be on my albums. Star Cash is a talented artist as well, I think our voices sound good together.

Q: Do you have a personal favorite song?
I really like “Los Angeles Times” because I was able to display my storytelling abilities. Also, I think that’s one of the best instrumentals on the project. Another good one was “Told You” because that’s a flow and a mood that I’ve never used before, it was fun to record.

Q: Is the song “Told You” about an actual girl or is it a fictional story?
That entire song is factual. It’s about the girl I consider to be “the one that got away” in high school, I made a huge mistake. (Laughs) I won’t say her name though.

Q: Are you in a relationship now?

Q: Who would you take on a date if you could pick anyone?
Probably Kristen Bell or Sara Underwood. I have an obsession with blonde girls, it’s bad.

Q: Your group is called “The Lions” can you tell us more about it?
I created The Lions with the idea of having a collective of all types of artists to have a platform to display whatever it is they do, so a group of photographers, musicians, fashion designers, engineers and producers is the end goal. Plus, we have Dant (a.k.a. Danté) the “facilitator” and Carter the mascot.

Q: What about the name?
Lion is the coolest word that starts with L-I.

Q:What’s something very few people know about you?
First, I hate donuts. They make me sick. Second, I was diagnosed with ‘IBS’ or Irritable Bowel Syndrome about a year and a half ago, a.k.a. I always have a stomach ache.

Q:It’s pretty clear that you focus on being lyrical, what’s your opinion on some hip-hop fans saying lyrics have taken a backseat in modern rap?
Well, I don’t think lyrics have taken a backseat completely because a lot of the top rappers today are incredible wordsmiths. But, I think it’s wrong for me or anyone else to judge an artist based on his or her approach to music. If that’s the way that person feels and that’s how they express themselves then they have every right to create in their own way. In music there is no right or wrong, there’s only good or bad.

Q:What can fans expect from you this year besides your first album?
I will be releasing another full-length project by the end of year. My website the-lions.co will continue to grow, and I have also started directing music videos so you will see a ton of those by the end of the year as well.

Q: Last question, how did you get the name Rye?
Well, my first name is Brian, and me and my friend Kody are huge Family Guy fans, so back in I think ’08 or ’09 Stewie called Brian “B-Rye” in one episode, so Kody started calling me B-Rye, then everybody started calling me B-Rye. Eventually, I dropped the B and the hyphen and became Rye. So yeah, Shout out to Kody though that’s my guy.

You can preview some songs from Silence Dogood on Audiomack or from the link below.