NASA’s Kepler Observatory Discovers 1,284 New Planets!

An unmanned space observatory (Kepler) launched in 2009 has just discovered 1,284 exoplanets (planets that orbit stars other than our Sun) via NASA’s analysis of July 2015 planet catalog.

[Via NASA]

“This announcement more than doubles the number of confirmed planets from Kepler……….This gives us hope that somewhere out there, around a star much like ours, we can eventually discover another Earth.”  – Ellen Stofan

“Before the Kepler space telescope launched, we did not know whether exoplanets were rare or common in the galaxy. Thanks to Kepler and the research community, we now know there could be more planets than stars…..This knowledge informs the future missions that are needed to take us ever-closer to finding out whether we are alone in the universe.” – Paul Hertz

With technology getting stronger and telescopes getting sharper, new discoveries such as 1,284 planets being discovered will be merely a norm in the near future. As discovered, exoplanets are very real and chances of some of these planets sustaining life are become greater as more planets similar to the Earth’s size, mass, and placement towards the sun are being found.

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